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One forty five minute session

$60/ $45 with Assistant Pro

Whether you’re struggling with your driver, having difficulty with long irons or just swing mechanics in general, this will get you back on track.

One forty five minute session

$60/ $45 with Assistant Pro

You can never over practice the short game

Three forty five minute session

$150 (Save $30) / $120 with Assistant Pro

Perfect for those who want to work at a slower pace.

Six forty five minute session

$275 (Save $85) / $215 with Assistant Pro

Perfect for those who want to work at a slower pace.



$900 – Save $200

Twenty Lessons! I want you to get better

$140 Nine Holes

$250 Eighteen Holes

Playing lessons are a great way to assess your game. This focuses on all ON-COURSE related topics such as decision making, course management etc.

$30 Thirty minute lesson
$75 Series of three lessons
$150 Series of six lessons

Junior golfers are the future of the game! Let’s get them started!

$50 Per person per hour – Three to six students
$40 Per person per hour – Seven to ten students

Maximum number of students per clinic is ten.

Meet Our Pros

Our Pro staff is here to help you to have one of the most enjoyable golfing experiences in the Capital District, from upgrades to the course and golf equipment to personal golf advice and lessons.

Matthew Daley
Matthew DaleyHead Pro
Having worked alongside some great teachers over the years including Todd Anderson (The Breakers in Palm Beach) and Mike Adams (PGA National Resort and Spa), one tends to learn excellent insight into the golf swing. The one thing that stands out and is a very important topic is this; you cannot teach one swing for everybody. With so many different swings, body types and personalities out there, an instructors job is to find something which fits that particular individual. I don’t believe in making major swing overhauls unless the student is committed to doing so. Otherwise, we will find areas that need improvement and make adjustments that fit the needs of the player.
Chris Bentrovato
Chris BentrovatoAssistant Pro
Graduated with a degree in golf complex operations and management from The Golf Academy of America in Orlando, Florida. Chris has over fifteen years of teaching experience in all facets of the game including beginners, juniors and advanced golfers. Chris has worked along side many top Golf Professionals, absorbing knowledge and techniques applied in his daily lesson plan. His number one goal is to keep things as straight forward as possible and not overwhelm his students with too much information. Chris’s philosophy is to work with each individual golf swing and make simple corrections that will benefit the player immediately and for the future.
Todd Trepess
Todd TrepessAssistant Pro
Teaching is the part of the golf business that I really have a passion for. I love to see the reaction of a player when we make improvements. Then hearing how they transferred them to the golf course. Everyone has their own golf swing and I don’t try to change it. But for the most part slight adjustments can really add to a players enjoyment out on the course.

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